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Geodetic Services

.: Our services

Company 2B geoinformatics can provide the following geodetic services to our customers:

Main services

  • all neccessary licenses and certificates for geodetic services on the territory of Slovenia
  • izdelava geodetskih načrtov in elaboratov za evidentiranje sprememb v zemljiškem katastru (ZK) in katastru stavb (KS)***
  • priprave za zakoličbo in zakoličbe objektov na terenu // staking out objects and other man made structures and all the neccessary preparations for stake-out jobs***

Additional services

  • licensed ability to search for real-estate properties in evidences of land cadastre and buildings cadaster for owners of properties in Slovenia***
  • geodetic advices for project managers and architects when obtaining construction plan permits according to laws in Slovenia***
  • representation of owners that own land properties on the territory of Slovenia***
  • advice for real-estate value pricing***

More about our work...

  • - geodetic measurements and cartography for construction plans
  • - measurements and cartography of public infrastructure
  • - geodetic services for land and real-estate cadastre
  • - precise measuring of vertical and horizontal movements
  • - calssic and precise GPS measurements
  • - stake-out with GPS and classic methods
  • - ICAO type A nad type B airport maps and obstacle maps


Aerial Photogrammetry & Digital Ortophoto
  • - aerial photogpraphy and making ortophoto maps
  • - GIS data collection
  • - aerial photography and ortophoto maps of natural dissasters
  • - ortophoto maps of settlements, cities and other populated areas
  • - ortophoto and 3D models for roads, highways, bridges, railroads and other transport infrastructure
  • - 3D models for area and volume measurements and further data usage


Need more info?

Send us an e-mail with your questions regarding our services. We will try to answer your questions in shortest possible time.

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Aerial photography partner
for 2B is:
Aerovizija, d.o.o.
Matevž Lenarčič

Planning for aerial photography

- Flight plan for desired area
- Data preparation for pilot navigation and automatic triggering of camera
- Cost calculation based on desired quality and area of interest


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